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Sep 07 2016

Peer group pressure and you

Does it matter to you who your children hang out with? If your child is a GREAT swimmer, would you encourage them to take lessons with beginners? What about if those beginners were really lovely people? It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But we do this to ourselves all the...

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May 18 2016

When’s a good time to quit?

In 200: 2: 1 tenacity was given a big round of applause. But it's worth revisiting because something I discovered (the hard way) is that tenacity isn’t always a good thing. It’s good when applied to YOU. Digging deep to find the necessary energy to get up one more...

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Network marketing, persistence, tenacity, giving up, rejection, taking action
Mar 14 2016

200: 2: 1

Desert Island Discs (my favourite podcast of all time) just had Hugh Bonneville as the guest. Hugh plays Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey, and he also played the bumbling but sincere Bernie in Notting Hill alongside Julia Roberts. He’s a self deprecating, shy sort of fellow. When asked...

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