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post-success-imageYou’ve got the dream.

You look up in your network and see people who’ve achieved phenomenal success. They started from nothing, and now they’ve got the passive income, the lifestyle, the freedom you know can be yours. It’s inspiring. You want that so badly you can almost taste it.

But then come a bunch of those days. Days when your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues are running your business down. Days when all you hear is no. Days when you are worn down from managing the demands of your day job alongside trying to grow a business, never mind have some semblance of family life.

You feel downhearted, isolated, tired beyond belief.

This business is just not working for you.

It’s all very well for those who’ve made it to the top. They never had to deal with your particular struggle, your circumstances.

Or did they?

I’m Helen Jamieson, and with my husband, I built a network marketing organization that replaced our incomes and made more than $1millionUS – you can read more about that here. But I have a feeling this site isn’t what you were expecting…

If you’ve been around network marketing for a bit, you may have been preparing for images of beachside mansions or forty-foot yachts.  Along with slogans shouting *You Can Do It* and such like.

Don’t get me wrong – you can do it. 

And yachts and mansions are all well and good, if they represent your picture of financial freedom.

But what if they don’t?  

What if you’re starting to wonder if you’re really the kind of person that can do it? 

What if your dreams aren’t easy to photograph and wouldn’t look that appealing on Facebook?

Can you really find a match in network marketing?

Well, yes.  I think you can. 

But there’s some key ways of looking at things which will either make or break you.

I’ve worked with 1000s of people and I think one thing stops most people: a belief that successful people have smaller problems than you, and some kind of magic bullets.

This is super tragic. 

Because actually, they don’t. And I’m living proof of that.

The Networker and the blog will show you where to find your own magic bullets. 

You’ll see how those obstacles of yours can actually become your rocket fuel.

Often readers say they feel like I’m a fly on the wall in their life because I’m describing what they’re going through.  Well, that’s because I’ve been there too. 

Everyone who replaces their income in network marketing has faced some pretty significant obstacles. 

It’s how you think about them that determines whether you keep going long enough to achieve your goals.

I love hearing from you.  I want to hear what’s stopping you, what’s helped you and why you’re on this road. You can reach me at

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