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Curing wannabe entrepreneur-itis

Curing wannabe entrepreneur-itis

You’re going to come across a lot of people who want all the benefits of being a successful entrepreneur.  Like we looked at earlier this month in a blog that resonated with a lot of readers: Pretending to Pay the Price.

The benefits? Well there’s the freedom, the autonomy, being able to easily pay for things we want, being a philanthropist and commanding respect.

It’s easy to get excited about these things.

And amongst all that bluster it’s easy to look like you’re getting after it.

In contrast…it’s hard to get excited about the obstacles that lay between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life.

It can seem easier to go along with the crowd, especially if we’re rushing about, hidden behind the ‘busy’ disguise we looked at last week.

It’s easy to think you can get round to the difficult stuff later, when it’s more convenient.

But here’s a priceless thing to wrap your head around:

It’s only easier if your view is short term.

In the long-term, conforming and delaying is never easier.

Eventually ‘getting round to it later’ will take a massive toll on your options.

When cramped by ‘just-enough’, money determines all of life’s choices.

When you don’t have enough of them, money and time lurk in back of every decision, making your world smaller and smaller and smaller.

Get willing to pay the price for all those successful entrepreneur benefits.

Embrace delayed gratification and have the discipline to stick with the (often painful) learning process*. Set yourself free.

Today I will do what others will not, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot.

Randy Gage

*Visit Learning New Stuff Can Suck for tools that help reduce the pain of learning.

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