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Whisper Down The Lane

Feb 15 2016

Whisper Down The Lane

My 7 year old is in a Katy Perry phase. There’s a lot of posturing in front of mirrors going on.

Last week she was yodling in the kitchen.

Warning…Fortunately I remember singing Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s RELAX as a tot, and I know I had no clue as to what those lyrics were all about.

Anyway, her song went like this:

“I kissed a girl and I liked it,

I hope my old friends don’t mind it…”

If you’re a trained Katy Perry disciple (be that willingly or as a captive mother to young children) you know what my point is.  Or maybe you missed it…

My daughter got the words very slightly wrong, giving a different meaning but they totally fit the rhythm of the song – and so they ‘sound’ right (re-read the italics above if it sneaked past you!)

And this is just how it works in your team.

Details can get changed.

In very tiny ways.

Until what you said three years ago to people you were training, has turned into something entirely different now those people have trained people who’ve trained people…you get the picture.

It’s how the game ‘whisper down the lane’ works.  And duplication can start to feel impossible.

How do you avoid that?

Use great resources.

And let those great resources do the teaching FOR you.

When you do this, the message stays the same. You stop needing to be this incredibly talented life coach – and no one in your team needs to be either.

When everyone in your team can do what you do, without acquiring special powers, you can harness the mesmerising potential of duplication.

PS: The Networker demonstrates what happens when a coach uses resources. You see what can happen before and after you use them.  You can get two free chapters below, or visit About The Networker to watch the trailer.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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