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Mistaken identity

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Mar 03 2016

Mistaken identity

Many times when I was building my network, I heard a team member make an acceptance speech for an award they received for an outstanding achievement.

I heard them thank me for the difference I’d made in their lives. Some felt so grateful they cried and said they could never have done what they had without me.

But you know, as kind and sincere as their words were, they weren’t actually true.

They would totally have made it without me. Because I was just one resource they reached for on their way to getting after their goals.

I coached hundreds of people. All over the world. And the majority of them did not pick up their business and run with it to their fullest potential.

Instead they argued with me about whether it could be done.

They wanted to talk one more time about the unique-ness of their particular obstacles.

They wanted me see how unreasonable I was being.

Those people who cried and said thank you actually owed their thanks to the person they’d been when they set out on this difficult, twisty-turny journey that leads to building a successful network marketing business.

That person they’d been had had the courage and tenacity to keep going, to face their fears, to be humble enough to learn and yet brave enough to back themselves.

People like that are a rare breed.

Which is *crazy* because those qualities are completely an inside job.

Often the people who succeeded had much bigger obstacles to overcome than those who preferred to argue with me about the task in hand. Often they had less education and less money.

Anyone can be that kind of person. Even you, right here, right now.

Don’t argue for your limitations – don’t try to convince your coach it can’t be done.

Spend that energy instead on the things your coach says will get you to where you want to go.

Just try it.

Put your heart into trying to get there, instead of trying to stay where you are.



See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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Hi, I'm Helen Jamieson, the author of The Networker - a novel created from experiences on the road to creating over USD $1million with my network marketing business. The book is a fable, a novel, about Sally, a feisty mother of two young children. Sally's feeling exhausted by her job, her lack of money and her negative spouse. Surely successful people didn't have to deal with obstacles like hers? The story follows her into, under and round those obstacles on her quest to take back control of her life using network marketing.

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