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Intention relieves the tension

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Feb 01 2016

Intention relieves the tension

So a couple of weeks back, by the time I felt healthy again after being laid very low indeed with the flu, I felt overwhelm about ibuiltanetwork.

I didn’t really want to get back into it at all and I wasn’t enjoying writing anymore.

Which was shocking because I love it.

Instead of giving up, I tried giving myself one simple task:

I started writing a blog each morning before I did anything else on this project.

To my relief it blew away the cobwebs.

It’s the same with your business. As I’ve described in Learning New Stuff Can Suck, a series of small wins is essential amongst the difficult, draining work of being bad at something while you’re learning.

I loved writing and I love ibuiltanetwork’s message, so how had it become something I was feeling dark about?

The BIGGEST thing that changed was my intention.

I’d stopped writing what I had to say, and started to try and get people to sign up for my list and buy my books.

I wasn’t being myself.

But I write about this stuff! How did that creep up on me?

Intention is a powerful, and personal thing.

You can convince someone on the outside your intention is set one way. But only your heart really, really knows the truth. Being honest with yourself is a tricky skill. It’s so easy to kid ourselves.

I had stopped being myself. But getting back to writing what I had to say, about something I personally feel matters, set me free.

Just like building your business for you – your reasons, your values, your dreams – will set you free.

The key is never making your goals so important that you compromise your values to achieve those goals.

See the people you are talking to as people.  Not numbers or prospects or tickets to the places you want to go.

Share your company’s product, service, income and opportunity.  All the while remember why you’re passionate about it.  Learn to share that information professionally and well.  Keep working hard on yourself.

You do not have to go all mechanical and gritted teeth on achieving your goal.  When you do that you lose your heart and soul in the process – you stop being you.

Enjoy looking ahead to where you’re going.

And while you do that, remember to also enjoy the place where you’re standing.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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