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Caught but not taught

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Feb 08 2016

Caught but not taught

Some parts of your business are going to be technical. You practice, take action, get it a little bit wrong and a little bit right, and repeat the whole cycle to get improvement.

But some parts of your business are harder, if not impossible, to quantify.

For example there’s something invisible, but tangible, that can happen when you make the commitment to get to a major event. The kind of place where you see people who’ve created what you want.

The burst of certainty you can get from that experience impacts everything about your business.

You stop sampling your friends and relatives to see if this thing works.

You start searching for your team in a methodical, excited way.

You’re doing the same actions, you have the same stuff in your week, but you’re different.

Your business becomes energizing and purposeful, instead of foreboding and draining.

I started my business in a February and almost immediately my sponsor told me that the top income earners would be going to the International Convention in September.

Even though the company had been in New Zealand for 10 years by that point, nobody else in the entire country was going. Including my sponsor.

But (and this is crucial) I’d done a heap of personal development before I started my network marketing business.

My goals were very real to me.

I had such a thirst for freedom.

Since reading Rich Dad Poor Dad two years before, I’d scraped large sums of money together for courses, read books and listened to recordings.

I didn’t look wealthy by the time I started my network marketing business (I got a credit card to start it), but my mindset had changed so much by then I was willing to really grab a hold of doing what it took to succeed (I blogged about that attitude here).

With my sponsor’s words ringing in my ears I set about booking out the time, and creating the income, to fly half way round the planet to attend that event in the USA.

And two years later, more than 100 team members came with me.

Thousands of people were at that event the first year my sister and I went.

But only a handful went on to slam-dunk their goals.

The same event, the same speakers, the same products, the same comp plan, the same information…very different results.

Tune in to this blog where I tell you what I think made the difference.



See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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