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Balance was a dirty word

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Jan 25 2016

Balance was a dirty word

When I was deep in the full throttle, workaholic-mania phase of my business a few people brought up the concept of life balance within my earshot.

It ricocheted off me.

I had such contempt for the whole notion. I would roll my eyes when it was mentioned.

Life balance seemed limp.

I felt people were using it as an excuse for not giving things a real go. How could I have a Damn-The-Torpedoes Spirit if I was being balanced?

While I can now respect the concept of balance, I still think it’s misused.

Mainly because I’ve seen a lot of lazy / frightened / uncommitted team members peep at me defiantly from over the top of their ‘life balance’ sandwich-board.

And then I spent several years wrestling with life challenges that refused to respond to more determination or being more organised… so now I can see the wholesome nature of life balance.

But I think a better expression for it is being centred.

You cannot replace your income with your network marketing business, even if you don’t have children, and remain in balance. Something has to give.

Hobbies, charity work, sleeping, catching up with friends socially…you have to find the time and energy to grow your network, and these are usually the things that give.

That means you’re out of balance.

I got really out of balance building my network. For the first three years it was a lot of fun because I was really centred. I knew where I was going and why. I had meaty, important reasons for building my residual income stream and so the whole process lit me up, including the difficult bits.

Once I lost that centre and became more interested in remaining a top income earner (because I’d pinned my self worth to that status), then that lack of balance started to cost me dearly.

My relationships suffered, my health suffered and my enjoyment became almost non-existent. I burned out.

Being centred will help you on so many levels: making good decisions, maintaining great integrity and being a fantastic resource for your team.

Get used to being off balance if you want to achieve something extraordinary…

…but do the personal development needed to remain centred.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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