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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Crawford Miller's Network Marketing Book Club Recommendations - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Practical steps for breaking through the ways fear is holding us back.

Jeffers examines the ways in which fear may be making most of our decisions. From the obvious fears we have about asking for something we are afraid we won’t get, to leaving an unhappy relationship, through to the ways in which we surrender ourselves to fear and let it trample all over us – this book provides practical steps for breaking through the ways fear is holding us back. Fear can play a BIG part in staying trapped in our comfort zones, stifling a lot of network marketing careers before they really have a chance to pull out of the garage and onto the highway. A great, low key resource for those who need to find the courage they need to ‘do it scared’.


See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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Hi, I'm Helen Jamieson, the author of The Networker - a novel created from experiences on the road to creating over USD $1million with my network marketing business. The book is a fable, a novel, about Sally, a feisty mother of two young children. Sally's feeling exhausted by her job, her lack of money and her negative spouse. Surely successful people didn't have to deal with obstacles like hers? The story follows her into, under and round those obstacles on her quest to take back control of her life using network marketing.

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