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You learn network marketing by taking action

Dec 02 2019

You learn network marketing by taking action

This is my kids fixing the car with their dad when we got back from a walk to find our tyre flat. It made me think about that fine art called ‘coaching’.

Don’t do it FOR people – do it WITH people…

It’s really, really easy to underestimate someone’s ability – to think they won’t be able to do something.

I love how my husband treats our girls just like he’d treat boys when it comes to mechanical or DIY stuff – when our tyre got a nail in it he said to them happily (rubbing his hands together): ‘Right! We need to change this tyre!!’

And because he’s had that expectation of them for donkey’s years, the girls put their backs into it and TRIED!

Which always brings them that much closer to accomplishing something. Now they can change a tyre – using ingenious ways to loosen nuts and bolts because they aren’t very strong yet.

I’m not sure how many kids their age can change tyres – not because they aren’t capable but because their ‘coaches’ don’t see them as capable.
Which brings me to the business point: how are you treating your team members?

Are you dumbing them down and saying ‘I’ll do that for you?’ or are you building them up with ‘Let’s do this together!’ or ‘You can do it, I’m right here with you!’

One thing is certain – you’re going to have to believe in your team if they’re going to reach their potential.

You won’t try and teach someone something if you don’t think they can learn it.

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