Building your network marketing business can feel so slow

Wow that was quick

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Aug 14 2018

Wow that was quick

​As I mentioned last week, I’ve been lost in the bowels of a house relocation project for the last 3 months.

In that entire time there were only 2 days on which I didn’t wear paint splattered clothes.

The madness included things like painting all of the ceilings by myself (having broken his neck last year Chris had a get out of jail free card for that), and filling in tiny nail holes with filler-putty over endless stretches of skirting board and architraves.

And I don’t like DIY much.

More on why we did it ourselves in another blog.

But anyway (there’s a point – bear with me)…I’d emerge from this gloom and appear at the local 4 Square for groceries looking bedraggled.

And so people would ask me how it was going.

When it came to the week when we were actually going to move in to our house, those people almost always said this:

“I can’t believe how FAST it’s been!”


From the outside, yes.

3 months is pretty quick in terms of bare land to liveable house.

From the inside of that process, however, at times it’s been gruelling, painstaking and achingly SLOW.

And that’s exactly how your business can feel.

Because when you’re in the driver’s seat you notice every bump, every road block and every heart wrenching piece of roadkill you pass.

Sadly, this fact is under exposed on the MLM highway – it gets lost amongst the hooplah around this being FAST wealth.

Yes, building a residual income stream that replaces your income in 3 to 5 years is a lot faster than the 30 year plan where you work for other people and quite possibly retire broke.

But it doesn’t mean it actually feels quick.

So, arm yourself with this knowledge.

Accept reality.

Stop saddling yourself with that mantra so many networkers chant: 

‘It shouldn’t be this hard’.

These next 5 years are going to pass anyway.

Build your business while other people watch TV.

And then have a chuckle when people say, “Wow, that was quick.”

See you on the road,


PS I know I bang on about it, but accountability buddies really are such a fantastic way to keep yourself present and voting during these years, especially when they’re dragging by.

An accountability buddy is someone to:

  • join you in the trenches called ‘building a home based business’
  • laugh with you at the ridiculous things that happen while you do that,
  • do better than you, and worse than you sometimes,
  • help you remember what you’re doing this for when it just feels too hard.

If you can think of someone you’d like to buddy up with, then do yourself an enormous favour and just contact them and suggest 6 weeks of accountability.  Right now!

PPS And then, please oh please, let me know you did it!

See you on the road,
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