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Would you be tempted?

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Mar 21 2016

Would you be tempted?

I’ve been prospected a few times by people in other companies. I always explain I’m happy with, and loyal to, the network I’ve built.

My relationship with the company is a lot like marriage for me.

There would need to be a total breakdown in communication, and a violation of the values we share, for me to walk away on that kind of commitment.

I don’t need the absolutely latest, greatest, state of the art, razzle-dazzle, comp plan product combo. I just need it to be something I personally feel is really valuable, and that makes a difference in my life.

But here’s the thing the people prospecting me haven’t thought through:

If they could sponsor me on the promise of better pay, better product or more buzz, then I wouldn’t be good for their business in the long term.

I’d work with them for a while, maybe I’d build a fresh team or (this is where these people’s eyes glaze with desire) roll my old team into this new one (or at least the ones who were as easily tempted).

And then someone else would come along with a better product offering more pay.

If I’m for sale to you, then I’ll be for sale all over again to the next great deal. If I responded to your temptation, there’ll be something else to tempt me later too.

Put your energy into educating people fresh to this industry. Grow your leadership from ordinary people.  Create a culture of loyalty, integrity and trust.

Don’t waste precious energy and time trying to woo the heavy hitters.

Because you don’t need them. If you woo them successfully, then they aren’t worth having!

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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