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Why your business is tiring you out. And how to solve that.

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Jul 14 2016

Why your business is tiring you out. And how to solve that.

It’s easy to fall into a space of feeling drained and frazzled around your home based business. I’ve done it myself.

It’s too tiring.

It’s taking up too much time.

It’s not worth it.

You’re feeling exhausted.

But what’s really tiring us out?

Because talking to people, answering questions, figuring things out, educating people and letting them make up their own minds…

…that’s energising.


nagging the same people over and over even though they’ve said no for now thanks;

worrying what people think of you;

thinking about what needs to be done all day but not actually doing it;

and replaying horror imaginary scenarios in your mind…

that’s exhausting.

If you want to lift a big weight off your shoulders when it comes to your business try this:


Make the decision to work your business for 10 hours each week.

Actually be productive in those hours.

No fluffing about on the computer.

No chewing your nails by the phone.

No going back to the same person over and over and over.

Just decide you’re going to actually work your business for a year.

No ‘I’ll do it until…’.

No changing your mind next time someone says No.

No throwing up your hands and feeling sorry for yourself next time someone doesn’t show up, or stops returning your calls.

No calculating whether it’s ‘worth it’ next time a girls night clashes with a business meeting.

Just work your business.

Do the actual production activities.

Consume personal development as though your life depends upon it.

Short of life threatening emergencies, always put your business first.

Rain or shine. Happy or sad. Wanting to or not.

For 12 months.

And then review.

Because I need to let you in on a secret…

…it’s not the work that’s tiring.

It’s making the decision again and again and again that sucks you dry.

So, make the decision once.

And follow through.

The worst case scenario is that in 12 months you’ll be transformed when it comes to your skills and your mindset.

But the best case scenario is you’ll have all those improved skills, you’ll have found the fun in the process AND you’ll have a business you’ve begun to move in the right direction.

That’s an enormous upside.

So, make the decision once.

And then get on with it!


See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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