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What’s hustle-or-bust costing you?

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Aug 25 2016

What’s hustle-or-bust costing you?

Have you ever heard something along the lines of ‘Go hard or go home!’ or ‘If it’s not moving you towards your goals, just don’t do it’ or ‘You’ve got to crank your ass off!’

There are lots of punchy one-liners demanding we hustle our buns off and get-after-it no matter what.

And in part I agree.  Success does require hard work and focus. BUT…

I don’t think it’s that simple.

Because there are a few things that do need your time and attention right now. Even though they aren’t production activities.

Your career, your finances, your material possessions…imagine these things are made of rubber. If they were a ball and you dropped them, they would bounce.

But your health, your relationships, your identity…these things are made of glass. If they were a ball and you dropped them, they would shatter.

It’s super easy while we’re hustling in pursuit of those things made of rubber, to end up dropping some of the things made of glass.

Yes, improving our finances can mean we get to do better stuff with those we love.  Enough money can mean more choices for our kids, for our partners, for ourselves in terms of how we spend our time. Wanting to create a more abundant life can be totally connected to our family values.

But if you neglect your health, your relationships and your identity (your core values) to get money or stuff or status…then it’s going to be pretty hollow when you get there because you’ll have lost some priceless things along the way.

Hustling for hustling’s sake can become a bit like an addict ‘chasing the dragon’.  You can start to believe that you’ll be happy ‘when’…(fill in the blank).

Or that you’ll be able to spend time on your health / your family / your values once you’ve achieved x, y or z.

This illusion is incredibly powerful.  

But that time never comes.  You just hustle on forever, thinking your real life will start just round the next corner.

It’s sickeningly easy to kid ourselves that neglect is necessary, or that it will all be worth it in the end.

It’s a terrible mistake.

Because it is possible to take care of those glass objects while hustling to improve our finances.

Sally comes right up against this in The Networker when she has to turn and face what has happened to her marriage while she’s been building her business…

Scary stuff.

So be sure to take time each and every day to connect with the people who matter most to your heart – without talking business.

Be honest with yourself, be honest with them.

If your family are a part of the reason for your goals, involve them in your plan.

Set up rewards for the whole family when you reach a benchmark. Give everyone a role to play. Communicate – frequently.  Stop and look at the people you love.  Rest.

None of this stuff has to take long or tip you out of production.

These are the types of tools Sally starts to use in The Networker, and as you read on after her show down with Ray, you can see the impact these things have on her family.

And for your health?

Have a regular health check with an objective professional. Get your teeth checked once a year.  Rest.  Eat food that’s good for you. Eat enough of it. Exercise. Don’t rely on stimulants to get you through your long hours.  And did I mention get enough rest already?

These are simple basics.

But when we’re in fully-busy-mode they are horribly easy to ‘get around to later’.

When I’m booting-it, food starts to look a lot like cardboard as my stress hormones kick in.

I have to force myself to eat, even when I don’t feel like it.

I have to make sure I sleep and stop obsessing about a project or a person.

I need to trust that it’s ok to stop for a few hours or a day. Or lordy, take a holiday.

Otherwise I get frantic and insensitive and bullish and impersonable.

Who I’m being starts to damage my project.

Which then feeds that dragon who tells me I must hustle harder to make things happen – that I don’t have TIME for all that fluffy health and family stuff.

This hustle-or-bust creature is a dangerous beast to welcome into your life, and it’s essential not to feed it.

Because it’s hard to respect someone who’s neglecting their health and their family.

Pure hustle, fuelled only by adrenalin and delayed gratification, is pretty repellant.

But grounded-hustle – now that’s something.

I touched on this in my blog about how to easily out-shine the competition.

But, like everything worth having in life, grounded-hustle can’t be short cut.  

You have to really live it.

A person in touch with their values, who has respect for their family and for themselves…now that’s the kind of powerful advertising money just can’t buy.

So what’s one thing YOU can do today to invest in those glass objects of yours?  Jump into the comments and share that – you might inspire someone else to do the same.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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