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What does it take to succeed?

Nov 14 2019

What does it take to succeed?

Last week we looked at the difference between how a franchise owner handles their terror when things start to go wrong in their business versus how most network marketers handle it (if you’re new to the blog, this is week four of a four part series…go back through the blog and find part one!)

Let’s look at an example of how you could handle those frightened cats from last week, in a way that keeps your heart and soul together but also keeps you on track.

It would unfold like this:

You feel terror that people are going cold on you…  

You recognise that.

And then you take a couple of minutes to refresh your memory about where this business is taking you – why are you putting in the effort to travel from your A to your B.  

You remember your goals by looking at your dream board.  

And then you call your sponsor.  

You’re honest with them about what just happened and how you’re feeling.  

You listen actively to what your sponsor is saying to you.  

And then you actively apply what they offered as solutions – maybe a role play, or listening to something inspiring or a attending a particular training.


Yes you get back on the road.  

But the bonus is that your skill level has improved. 

Your experience has deepened and you’ve banked another example of action overcoming your fears (ie you’ve developed some ways to quieten those frightened cats from last week). So you’re more likely to take the same positive actions next time.

Now, if this was Hollywood, by now the music would be swelling and the credits would be rolling, as you rise up after this 30 second shake down, set yourself straight and head off victorious to your point B, renewed, refreshed, awoken etc etc.

But here in real life we must acknowledge that it’s probably not going to feel like the Hollywood version.

For a start it’s not going to take 30 seconds to get your business cranking.

It’s likely going to take more than a year to create momentum that has teeth.

And there won’t be rousing music building to a crescendo as you grapple with:

  • awkward calls (because you’re going to be bad at them sometimes while you’re learning)
  • bad presentations (because you’re going to mess some of them up while you’re learning) and… 
  • broken promises (people are going to let you down – it’s just part of life).

But there are going to be some Hollywood moments.  

Some victories. 

A building crescendo of self respect (one which doesn’t need music).  

And that indescribable sensation as it dawns on you that you’re at the wheel of an international business… not a lucky dip.

Slowly but surely your goals will loom up out of the mist and you’ll start to experience the tangible results of your efforts.

And then, ultimately, you will be able to teach others, to hold their hands and guide them through the doubt and fear – until they break through.

Because you went through it yourself.

That, my friend, is a wonderful experience.

None of it will be handed to you.

At the risk of sounding cliched, if you want something you’ve never had – you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done.

None of the things you have to do are particularly dreadful (unless you hide out alone with your frightened cats, in which case they can balloon into the stuff of nightmares). 

Each of the obstacles on your road can be tackled when you handle them one at a time and get help from somebody more experienced than you.

It’s reaching for those solutions consistently that’s the trick.

Your goals and dreams are every bit as worth fighting for as saving your home from the second mortgage you took out for a franchise.

But it’s nobody else’s job to fight for your goals and dreams.  

It’s your job.  

And yours alone.

So how hard are you fighting?

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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