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How your emotions are like cats

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Nov 07 2019

How your emotions are like cats

One of the main things in last week’s blog (links below) was that there is an inevitability about network marketing – a stone cold certainty that it absolutely works for women from all walks of life.

But that certainty gets lost amongst the random things that happen day by day and week by week.

The feeling of fear, for example, can be overwhelming – especially because, when we feel it, we assume it’s a sign that things are going wrong.

Emotional intelligence, the ability to remain calm and focused regardless of what your emotions are screaming at you, is a super important skill.

Emotional intelligence is important in any part of life, but especially in business.

That’s not the same as being emotion-less.

Being able to relate to people – to have empathy for their situation – that’s important too. Network marketing is a people business after all.

The huge bonus we have on our personal journey from A to B (that we talked about last week – link HERE) is the support we have available in network marketing.

Support which is simply not there in traditional business models.

If you set up a café, the local café owners probably aren’t going to come around and give you their best marketing advice, their moral support or work with you to help get things organized.

It’s even possible they don’t really want you there, because you’re cutting into their turf.

A franchise is a great way to tap into the support any new business needs. They give you lots of training and support.

But what actually makes that training and support valuable is the fact that there’s a lot of your skin on the table.

You probably mortgaged your house to buy a franchise that has a decent return.

Plus you’ll be doing more than full time hours, for several years, to make that business sing.

It’s still the snakes and ladders experience from week one’s blog, but leaving the game would mean: you mortgaged your house for nothing.

So you stay. 

You go the distance and with gusto… 

…and thereby enormously increase your likelihood of succeeding.

If we stick with the travelling from A to B analogy: in network marketing you don’t pay much for the vehicle.

And yet it can take you to B and beyond, no matter where your A (your starting point), happens to be.

There’s overwhelming evidence out there in the world, in history, of what network marketing can do for a woman’s goals and dreams.

A large crowd of people line that route from your A to your B, giving you tips, encouraging you, letting you know about the terrain and how to prepare for and handle it.

That support is completely free aside from tickets to events and possibly resources if you can’t get them from your library.

But unless you reach for it with gusto, it is completely worthless. Even irritating.

Regardless of how incredibly lucky we are in network marketing to have all of this support as we travel… if your emotions are in the driving seat, you are going to leave the road.

A lot.

Think of each of your freak-out emotions as a cat.

Now picture having several frightened cats loose in the car with you as you try to navigate from your A to your B.

And the focus of those frightened cats?

To get out of the car… 

Those cats slow your journey right down. 

They make it dangerous. 

And you probably won’t be able to drive long enough to get where you wanted to go.

It’s too crazy.

So you can see that it’s crucial to learn to feel your emotions without reacting to them.

In a traditional or franchise business model when you feel terror about things ‘not working’ you are going to plug in hard to the training and support and find a solution.


Because you stand to lose tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars if you give up.

When you have that much to lose, you tell your fear to sit down and then you do what it takes.

That produces positive results… and your cycle of success is formed.

In network marketing when you feel terror about things ‘not working’, you quite possibly go AWOL.

You hide out with your frightened cats thinking about how, over the next 12 months, you could quietly suck it up and pay off the credit card payment you made to start your business.

You think about how having $500,000 a year isn’t worth all this hassle because your current salary covers all your expenses and working at your job is not so bad…

…and so, having spoken to nobody who could’ve helped, you quit your network marketing business to make all these uncomfortable emotions go away.

But if you did what the franchise owner did, you would have almost certainly be well on your way to your B inside that same 12 months. 

Think about that.

Next week we’ll look at how to turn that terror into a cycle of success in your network marketing business.

See you on the road,

Helen x

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See you on the road,
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