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The Selection Process

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Feb 01 2018

The Selection Process

Stuck in traffic with my family the other day, the children voted to listen to Bear Grylls’ Desert Island Discs interview again.

As I listened, a particular bit jumped out at me.

Bear’s talking about having failed the first time, he tried again. As he talks about the process itself, he says this:

It’s a long selection process for the Reserve SAS, it runs over 11 months.

We had about 150 of us start and I think 4 of us passed at the end.

You’re going to be broken exhausted, wet and cold and drained. It’s a process of attrition…

It is relentless.

But selection tests spirit,

The process is designed like that.

Because what they want are the people wh,o in those moments, can give more than they’re asked to. People who can dig deep and find that little bit extra to push on.

What struck me is that, even with its 98% attrition rate, nobody is complaining about the SAS being a rip off or a scam. Why isn’t anyone saying those 146 people wasted their money and their time and it isn’t fair?

Well, maybe those 146 men in Bear’s selection used those experiences to shape the rest of their lives for the better. Maybe they took pride in facing the challenge with everything they had.

And yes, maybe some of them became embittered and now watch Bear on TV these days thinking ‘it should have been me’.

But nobody thinks the SAS is wrong for offering the opportunity. Nobody says ‘it doesn’t work’. They simply admit they didn’t make the cut.

There’s a deep pride in the fact it tests spirit.

But what’s my point?

Very, very few people bring that attitude to network marketing.

In my team, everyone who’s succeeded had that attitude (including me). That willingness to be tested, that determination to remain standing or to get back up every time I was knocked down.

I didn’t complain that it was hard.

I relished it.

And that attitude was like rocket fuel.

So how are you feeling about your Process? Because therein lies your future. As Jim Rohn said:

“Don’t wish that it was easier. Wish that you were better.”

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS If you want to walk alongside someone as she changes from feeling her business is too hard, through to relishing the process – if you want to see and feel how she makes that change – then you need to read The Networker .

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See you on the road,
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