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Talking yourself out of it

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Jan 26 2017

Talking yourself out of it

There’s a tidal estuary near our home. It is beautiful.

There are little jetties and at high tide they jut out over crystal clear deeps (I know, but deeps just reads better).

In summer, there’s much delight and wild whooping as people run along the wooden boards and jump in.

My children are experts at this.

Recently our whole family leapt in. The water was COLD but once I’d jumped, involuntary happy-shrieks burst out of me as I popped back up to the surface.

I was feeling smug, wrapped in a towel in the sunshine while my children carried on (because they weren’t blue yet). Two twenty-something women arrived ready to swim.

They looked excited.

They went to the edge of the jetty and looked at the water.

They adjusted their bikinis.

And went back to check on their towels.

They wondered aloud how cold the water would be.

One of them dipped her toe in to prove how cold it would be. ‘Why am I doing this?’ she groaned.

One decided she needed to find the bathrooms.

The other woman stayed behind and we chatted. She said she grew up here and had come to the water all the time to jump in and play.  She had loved it.

When her friend returned they tested the water again.

The sun went in and they hugged themselves. They decided to wait until it came out again.

When it did, one of them tried inching into the water from the bank rather than jumping off the jetty.

By this time the pair were radiating a kind of anxiety and doubt.  Their excitement had evaporated.

Chris and the kids got out, teeth chattering, energy high. They encouraged the women and told them how much fun it was and how wonderful it felt…

…when we left they were still fluttering about wondering whether to jump, as the tide went out.

Analysis paralysis doesn’t have any benefits at all – unless staying inside your comfort zone is your main goal.

So is that you standing there on the edge of your business? Talking yourself out of it?

Does any of that thinking-about-it or decision-questioning or waiting-for-perfect-conditions actually help you?

Or does indulging in that just dampen your spirits and leave you watching – wondering about what could have been?

Don’t think about it too long!

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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