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A strange turn of events

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Feb 28 2018

A strange turn of events

Because of a strange turn of events, my family spent the last 10 days in the South Island of New Zealand.

My youngest daughter was picked to be the lead in an epic commercial, and her sister was asked to be her ‘body double’.

This meant our little family whirled about packing bags, finding a house sitter (capable of wrangling our pets) and rushing off to catch a plane.

It was, needless to say, an incredible experience (which I’m only allowed to describe fully once the ad is launched in April).

But parts of it were really tough.

Take, for instance, the two or three extremely early morning starts.

Think 4am.

Oh yes.

That’s a tricky time of day for me.

It’s deeply dark.

Things beyond my duvet seem cold and un-inviting.

My bed is always very warm and comfortable (no matter how hard I’ve been finding it to get to sleep until that point – by the time my alarm goes off I’m guaranteed to be DEEPLY and DELICIOUSLY asleep).

So it takes a big effort to break out of my lovely cocoon and face the world.

‘Erm yes, that’s very interesting Helen, but what’s that got to do with my business?’

Well, because I knew there were people waiting for me on set, I could kind of spring out of bed and get on with the job of bustling my (similarly reluctant) family out of the door.

And once we made it onto the set, there were other intrepid souls clutching hot drinks and blinking at each other over bleary smiles.

Doing this difficult thing together made it so much easier.

In fact it became enjoyable.

The camaradarie. The ability to laugh at how awful it felt. The sense of being PART of something.

The cold and the dark didn’t seem so intimidating anymore.

I kind of breezed through it and onto more important things.

It can be like this with different parts of our businesses.

Making phone calls for example.

Or following up.

Or public speaking.

There’s a super simple trick to sneak you out of your comfort zone and into action:

Do these things WITH others.

Get a buddy.

Find one or two or ten other people to tackle something you find daunting – together.

I guarantee those things will lose their sting.

Your comfort zone won’t have the same legs anymore. You’ll find you can push through and get the job done.

Instead of quaking in your boots and feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of that difficult thing, you start to laugh and have fun as you’re doing it! You’ll compare notes and egg each other on.

And when you give yourself the chance to do the job, your skills improve.

Which means your results improve too.

It’s a vicious cycle :o)

See you on the road,


PS So text somebody NOW, and ask them to buddy with you for 4 weeks! Forward them this email, give them a call – just take action now and find someone to join you in breaking through from queasy into FUN.

PPS And then message me to say you did it!

See you on the road,
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