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Star Wars and what it’s taught me about business

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Aug 03 2017

Star Wars and what it’s taught me about business

My family is a little bit crazy about Star Wars.

We’ve watched all the films.

The ones from Episode IV onwards are our favourites – but we chewed through the first 3 Episodes anyway (because even though they aren’t very good, they are Star Wars nevertheless).

At bedtime Chris used to tell the kids the story of Luke and Leia.

We own (and play) Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.  Oh yes.

So when our eldest turned 6 and wanted a Star Wars party it was epic..

Full regalia fancy dress (for everyone, adults included) and about 30 children in attendance.

It was sort of a mini-Kiwi-Star-Wars-Episode in itself.

People still talk about the epic-ness and marvellous-ness of that occasion.

But what’s my point?


As impossible-to-believe as it seems:

Some of our friends just don’t get it.

They don’t like Star Wars.


No matter how much we love it, they just don’t.

Does that mean Star Wars is any less fabulous?


Does that mean they must be completely wrong and we need to talk about what losers they are behind their backs?


It just means some people love Star Wars with wild abandon, and some people do not.

Do I need to change their minds?


Do they need to change mine?


Hundreds of thousands of people agree Star Wars is cool. And we revel in that feeling together.

But a similar number agree that it’s plain silly.

To ensure the maximum amount of fun is had by all, it’s best to find out which camp someone falls into:

  • a fan
  • someone who hates it or
  • someone who’s up for healthy debate.

If more people approached NWM this way, there’d be a lot less desperation and far less holding onto trouser legs.

There’d be a lot more love and laughter along the road to our goals.

So lighten up!

Let people be where they’re at – and focus on the stuff that rocks your boat.

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I promise there are a lot of people who share your point of view. Making peace with that fact, whilst still taking action, is the key. You can read more about that here:

Those People You’re Looking For…

See you on the road,
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