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Someone it’s good to get to know

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Jul 21 2017

Someone it’s good to get to know

Imagine there’s an incredibly influential person on this planet who really does hold your success in their palm.

They can actually ensure you become successful in achieving your business goals.

Would you travel a long way to spend time with this person – to learn at their feet?

Would you spend a lot of money to have a chance to gain their influence on your path?

How does it feel to know they are out there? That this person, over the coming months, can actually give you everything you need to succeed?

It’s a pretty incredible feeling right?

If you’re anything like me, when you let your mind dwell on that concept for a moment, you’re feeling a flush of excitement and hope.

Well, the good news is: this person really does exist.

And it’s YOU.

There’s nobody else on the face of the earth that holds your success in their palm.

  • Not the people you talk to.
  • Not the management of your company.
  • Not your customers.

Just you.

So it’s worth taking the time to get to know yourself.

  • Maybe you need to face some of your demons.
  • Maybe you need to take a really good look at what you’ve been doing so far and where you actually want to go.
  • Maybe you need to start investing in yourself.
  • Maybe you need a great counsellor to help you deal with some stuff you’ve shoved under the bed for a while in the hope it will go away.

It’s not all that glamorous, the process of getting to know yourself. It can involve looking at some things you’d rather not see.

But when you’re prepared to find out who you really are as you build your business, then magic can happen.

Because when you get to know and accept yourself, you get comfortable with other people seeing who you are.

You can’t force it or fake it or fudge it. It takes time. And commitment. And courage.

But along the way you’ll find most of the stress and worry that you’ve built up around your business just falls away.

See you on the road,

Helen x

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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Hi, I'm Helen Jamieson, the author of The Networker - a novel created from experiences on the road to creating over USD $1million with my network marketing business. The book is a fable, a novel, about Sally, a feisty mother of two young children. Sally's feeling exhausted by her job, her lack of money and her negative spouse. Surely successful people didn't have to deal with obstacles like hers? The story follows her into, under and round those obstacles on her quest to take back control of her life using network marketing.

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