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Some things have to give

Some things have to give

So a few years back when I was full-throttle in my business, I was sitting in a basic training one Saturday morning.

There were about 30 people there and a gorgeous lady I’d sponsored was presenting about finding the time to build her business.

Her presentation was fantastic, mainly because she was using stories to illustrate the points she was making.

And then she got to this one:

“I took a leaf out of Helen’s book,” she said, “and I just stopped cleaning my house. That can wait. I need to make my production activities a priority right now while I’m launching my business.”

I sat there and thought, ‘Wow, thanks!… I think!’

(I hadn’t realised how obviously messy my house was. So it was a humbling moment).

But! the point she was making is a good one – some things have to give.

You can’t do everything the way you were doing it before you started your business. Otherwise you’ll burn out. Or never really get your business off the ground.

You don’t have to become a complete slob in the name of saving time (think: eating ready meals, not exercising or living amongst mountains of dirty clothes and dishes).

But maybe you could clean once instead of three times a week.

Maybe your family could pitch in with the meals and the washing.

Find ways to team-work the stuff that’s filling your time. Even your children can help with a surprising number of things (like setting the table, folding washing, loading the dishwasher and packing their own lunches!)

And if it’s hard to let go because you’re telling yourself your house being tidy is important…ask yourself this:

Will your future-self be happier about the results of the business you built, or the results you got from the thing you’re hanging on to that’s filling up your time?

My messy house didn’t hold me back any.

But I’d sure miss the adventures I’ve had because I built my business instead of cleaning my house.

See you on the road,

Helen x


PS If you’re struggling to find the time and money for your business – click HERE for:

7 ways to find the time and money

PPS Like most things in this business, when the time’s right, there’s a flip side to getting the mess sorted out otherwise it does start eating you alive: How Decluttering Can Help.

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See you on the road,
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