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Shaping a person’s dreams

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Apr 28 2016

Shaping a person’s dreams

Recently I talked with a retired commercial property designer. She said something really interesting. “I pushed my clients’ boundaries to help them achieve their real goals”.

She was skilled at what she did and produced some outstanding, landmark work.

I asked her what she thought made her so good at that.

She thought for a while.

‘I listened really carefully to their goals. I sketched out what they were describing, and they said yes, that’s it.

And then I sketched what they really wanted, based on everything I could sense about them, their demeanor, the glint in their eye, what they said they wanted…

And when they saw that, they lit up.

They hadn’t known what they wanted until I was able to draw it for them. They hadn’t known how to make their dreams take shape, or that it was even possible to push the boundaries that way’.

We talked about what it felt like to help people push their boundaries. I asked if her clients always enjoyed that process or if it got hard at times.

Her reply showed me how similar network marketing is to any other business that helps people through change.

‘I had to be available for them during that journey towards that bold design. Because creating it would test them in ways they didn’t know it would.

They’d get freaked out, in ways they couldn’t understand at the start of the project when they were so excited.

I couldn’t explain any of that to them at the start.

All I could do was help them see what they wanted, and then be there to kind of hold their elbow in the tough bits, and help them along towards their dreams.

They were always pleased when we got there. Blown away with what they’d achieved.

But they really hadn’t known it could be done. To get there they needed to borrow my confidence, my certainty. I really backed myself, so I was willing to lend them that’.

So Networker, that’s worth thinking about. Do you back yourself that way?

Because if you don’t, personal development combined with action is a fantastic way to change that.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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