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Seeds and your dreams

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Mar 02 2017

Seeds and your dreams

So you may already have a vague inkling that the dreams you hold in your hands are fertile seeds.

That they are the kernels of your heart’s desires.

But it’s worth having a think about what it takes to turn those seeds into actual flowers, real vegetables or fruit.

The answer? Some effort!

Fertile soil, getting dirt under your finger nails, patience.

Acceptance that some are going to grow and some aren’t.

Light and water and protection from things that want to eat them too soon.

You wouldn’t plant them and then be all up-in-arms and outraged when there was nothing to show for it in a week’s time, right?

You wouldn’t go back to the shop and demand a refund.

Especially if you hadn’t even put those precious seeds in the soil in the first place.

But how many of us behave that way with our business?

Maybe take a second right now and do a quick review of those seeds in your hand:

  • Have your planted them?
  • Have you been taking care of them with light and water and your consistent attention?
  • Or are you just looking at them, eyes narrowed, resenting them for not doing anything?!

Because newsflash! Your dreams don’t owe you anything.

But they are, nevertheless, faithfully waiting for you to provide the conditions they need to unfurl.

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS Jim Rohn uses a seeds analogy in his FANTASTIC MP3 ‘Building Your Network Marketing Business’. It’s poetry every time I hear it.

PPS If this post today resonates with you, please feel free to comment below, or share with someone who needs the boost x

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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