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Playing the game called network marketing

Network marketing is not about luck
Oct 24 2019

Playing the game called network marketing

Network marketing can be a LOT like snakes and ladders…

A normal week could look something like this: on Tuesday night 3 people come with you to the business briefing.

They are very excited about the products and business model. 

At the end of the evening you spend time with them talking about how this is just the answer they’ve been looking for…

You’re flying high!

You’re SO pleased you started this, SO pleased you had the courage to call them in the first place, and SO pleased the people coaching you have taken the time to teach you all about launching your business.

Mentally you’re writing your resignation letter and handing it to your surprised boss. 

You feel a rosy glow and get a great night’s sleep.

The next day, you give Sandy a call to follow up. 

But she’s frosty with you.

Her answers are monosyllabic until she says she’s talked with her husband and changed her mind.

You can’t get a word in edgeways before she hangs up the phone, and the next call is even worse.

The third follow up goes to Mindy’s answerphone twice, even though you had confirmed the time and left 15 minutes between the calls.

You leave a deflated message, and feel a cold, sinking sensation in your chest.

You hold your head in your hands. 

What on earth are you doing this stupid business for? It’s never going to work.

Thursday, exhausted after work, you pick up a message on your phone. 

It’s Mindy apologizing for not being able to get to the phone last night.

When you call her back she explains she’d been talking to her parents that night about the business briefing she’d gone to with you.

Her folks built a very profitable network when she was young, but the company closed down.

It took them a while to get back on their feet, but they became very successful in traditional business using the skills they’d developed from their network marketing business.

They’ve sold their traditional business now and would love to build this with Mindy as they travel in their retirement. 

So they’d like to book a time please, to clarify some questions they have and get started.

Your mouth is hanging open by the time Mindy adds she’d like to get started tonight if you have time to meet up because, having talked with her parents and gone over the materials you left her with, she’s really excited.

Now you feel full of beans again and are elated to be working your business tonight even though you were tired out a few minutes ago.

On and on it rolls. Shooting down the snakes and climbing up the ladders.

Without your head in the right space there will definitely be a day disorienting enough to make you want to stop playing the game.

Over the next three weeks I’m going to give you some ideas for handling this roller coaster. 

Because when you have ways to get your head around it, you massively increase your chances of riding it right to the end (arriving with a huge whoop as you wave your arms in the air).

See you on the road x

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See you on the road,
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