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Why some people can’t stand you

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Aug 23 2018

Why some people can’t stand you

So, I have a quirky story for you – to continue this month’s theme about what it takes to succeed.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine’s brother had to have his beloved, elderly dog put to sleep.

The vet who had the awful task was professional and excellent.

And when it was done…that vet had a quiet cry.

When I heard that story I was really moved.

Having endured that horror with our wonderful cat, I know I would have found the vet’s reaction incredibly supportive and connecting.

But my friend went on to say her brother found the vet’s behaviour made him uncomfortable. It actually increased his distress.

How would you have felt about it?

Because it got me thinking about how different we all are.

And how easy it is to slip into masking our true selves in order to be palatable to a wider group of people.

Being yourself takes a lot of courage (and maybe even some introspection for a while to find out who ‘yourself’ actually is).

But it pays off.

That sensitive, heart-on-sleeve vet will find and build a community of people who connect with his approach.

Who appreciate him.

Who want what he has to offer.

And,  so will you.

Provided you don’t water yourself down….

…and provided you can face the fact that:

Your best self will still make some people curly at the edges.

Not because you’re not good enough.

Just because they don’t resonate with you.

That’s life.

So yes, being genuine takes courage.

But, over time, it also creates the most rewarding types of connection.

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I always remember a successful business leader telling me:

“I can’t give you a formula for success.

But I can give you one for failure: try and please everyone.”

It’s easy to fall into doing what you think people want you to do, and being who you think they want you to be.

One way to stop that kind of exhausting pantomime is to have your team plug in to these blogs – and set aside time each week to talk about what you read.

You don’t have to agree with every word I write.

But, as a team (whether there’s 2 or 2000 of you), you’ll start to think critically about what you’re doing and who you’re being.

Here’s the link to subscribe – send it to your team, organise a time to catch up each week and then just talk about what you read:


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See you on the road,
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