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EQ and your business

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Nov 16 2016

EQ and your business

Recently the school holidays gave me the chance to achieve an important ‘first’ in my life (drum roll please…):

Winning a game of Monopoly.

Admittedly it was against a 10 year old child and I am 43, but I’m not letting that stand in the way of my moment of glory.

My children are quite obsessed with Monopoly at the moment.  Their fears, tears, aggression and bursts of outrage (where they storm off or tip the board over) have taken me back.

Not because I’m so shocked. And it doesn’t take me back to my own childhood.


It takes me back to the start of my entrepreneurial journey…

Every week my husband Chris and I would play Cashflow 101 with my sister and her husband.

It’s hard for me to believe now, but seeing my girls’ behaviour during the stresses and strains of Monopoly (The unfairness! The blame! The victimhood!) reminded me fair and square of a very unpleasant fact:

I behaved exactly the same way playing Cashflow.

But I was a grown woman in my twenties.

I’d huff and puff if my husband was being reckless with his investing or if he went bankrupt.

I’d cry if everyone got out of the rat race before me and I was stuck with debt and ‘everything against me’.

I’d seethe when other players pulled off some outrageous deal that skated close to the edge of the rules and paid off big time.

I’d dither about when offered one of those deals, and then feel sour about my rotten luck when I didn’t take the risk…and missed out on the reward.

I even stormed from the room on occasion.

Slamming doors. Oh yes.

And why was I behaving this way?

I’m sure the psychologists amongst you would have a field day with that question. But I think it comes down to something I see a lot of people lacking: Emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’.

Being able to hold onto yourself or to ‘self-soothe’ when things are going to custard around money and business is absolutely crucial if you’re going to stay the course in your network marketing business.

If you throw your toys out of the cot and sulk and strop when things don’t go your way, it destroys the trust and faith people have in you.

You become dangerous to be around.

And if you storm about blaming other people for your feelings when the proverbial hits the fan, you won’t be able to attract or hold a healthy team together.

Now, please don’t hear me wrong. It’s not about sticking a happy face on it when things go wrong.

It’s ok to be flattened, unhappy and annoyed when awful things happen (I talked about that here).  And in fact pretending to be ‘fine’ and smiley all the time renders you sort of 2 dimensional. And that can be just as repellant as being a loose unit.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, personal development really helps create a dramatic shift in EQ.

Meditation and exercise are fantastic grounding tools too.

When practiced often, these things create a capacity to be with our own strong feelings that’s sublime.

And maybe you need to straighten out some things with the support of a counsellor or therapist too – take that opportunity if you need to, because none of that stuff goes away once you’ve got lots of money!

You’ll have a much more pleasant time when you don’t need to bust your buns and alienate others over every rotten piece of luck.

Because there’s going to plenty of rotten luck (amongst some great luck too) on the rollercoaster that is building a business.

How you handle that, day in day out, makes an enormous difference to your outcome.

See you on the road,

Helen x

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See you on the road,
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  • Christopher

    Helen, thanks for this blog- most helpful one i’ve yet read, giving me a great reason to do more PD

    November 18, 2016 at 9:27 am
  • Excited to find your blog . . . you are SUCH a talented writer able to deliver such important messages. THANKS ❣ Laura

    December 23, 2016 at 1:01 pm

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