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Lessons from an orange dress

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Mar 24 2016

Lessons from an orange dress

Summer holds extra excitement for me. Because I get the chance to wear one of my favourite pieces of clothing.

It’s *no ordinary* summer dress. It is wonderful on many levels.

It’s loudly orange and there’s lots of it.

Its billowing, cottony, wavey-ness provides complete comfort in the extreme heat of high summer (plus I don’t need to hold my stomach in even slightly).

AND it’s a very high-value label which I got for a bargain in my favourite pre-loved store.

But this week, at least three people I know have made unkind comments about my favourite dress.

It goes something like this:

Looking me up and down, ‘What are you wearing? / Did you borrow that from a circus? / Nice dress’ (heavy sarcastic tone).

So, am I devastated and folding up my favourite dress forever?


I just think they are rude.

I still like those folks, and I still love my dress.

Yet, how different that can be when someone’s rude about your home based business.

Someone says something disparaging about your industry and a deep, psychological panic takes hold: What if they’re right?

So, how can you be ok when people run your business down?

The same way I’m ok with dress rudeness.

  1. Not everyone needs to like it. So long as I like it, then I’m set.  Plenty of people say they love it.  Careful what you focus on.  It’s easy to magnify negative feedback and minimise the good.
  2. I’d be in such deep trouble if I needed them to like it. It would be childish to insist everyone like my dress. And it’s the same with your business.
  3. Let your business be what it is. Be sure it matches up to your values. Fall in love with the products or services you offer, and find people who want them! Don’t spend your time defending yourself to people who don’t.
  4. Live and let live. Life unfurls so much more smoothly that way. You can still like people who are rude. Heck, you’re probably rude sometimes too. Judging people or trying to change them is a waste of energy and it makes you feel bad.

As my Dad used to say:

“It wouldn’t do if we were all the same.”

He’s right. That would be boring.

*Celebrate that*

Accept it.

And get busy finding the people who want and need what you’ve got.


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See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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