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Leadership lessons from children

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Mar 10 2016

Leadership lessons from children

Watching kids play has been an unexpected portal into the realms of leadership.

There are those having such a good time, so intently focused on what they’re doing, and so willing to share the joy of it all when interrupted, that other kids flock to them and want to join in.

They aren’t needy. They are kind of self sufficient and fulfilled.

And then there are those who incessantly boss everyone else about.

It has to be done THIS way. It mustn’t be done THAT way.

Eventually everybody wanders off to start their own games out of range of the Relentless Controller.

Often the Relentless Controller feels sorry for themselves because ‘nobody wants to play with me.’

In network marketing we’re leading a group of volunteers.

The traditional tools of shame, demotion, withdrawal of affection and so on just don’t work like they do in an unhealthy workplace or an unhealthy family.

Network marketing calls for that first type of leadership.

You can’t fake it.

You have to really, really be into what you’re doing.

You have to really know where you’re going.

You have to like others enough to share what you’re up to if they want to know.

Using that approach means inevitably some kind of crazy magic happens. Over time your team culture becomes healthy, supportive, progressive and robust.

It’s really simple. But actually quite difficult to do, unless we change our focus. Away from controlling others and onto unfurling ourselves.



See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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