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The laws of physics and the land of your dreams

The Law of physics, an article by Crawford Miller on
Nov 18 2014

The laws of physics and the land of your dreams

Money is only one part of wealth. Many network marketing heavy hitters focus on money as being the answer to all our problems.

But as Henry Ford said, “Money doesn’t make a man. It unmasks him.”

Arriving ‘in the money’ having sold your soul to get there is not worth the price.

Replacing your income having enhanced and developed some great character traits, worked hard and helped other people along the way: that’s a kind of freedom worth having.

But it’s rarely mentioned in network marketing business presentations or key notes.

Somehow it’s not sexy enough.

So here’s a newsflash – one that can really change your life. Those aren’t the only two options: mega bucks or being able to afford your products and getting tax breaks.

What would you be doing today if you had replaced your day job’s income with residual income?

That’s a big question. Close your eyes for thirty seconds and ponder it.

Seriously. Don’t just plough on through this post. Think. About. It.

What did you see?

You don’t need $1million a year to do that. You probably don’t even need to be in the top 100 or maybe even 200 earners of your company to replace your current income.

It is so within your grasp.

When I started my network marketing business I was freshly enlightened with the Rich Dad-esque idea of leaving the rat race.

I wanted residual income sources to have replaced my household income, which, at that time, meant covering my expenses.

There were no extras like holidays or clothes or meals out being provided for from working at that time.

I was working 80 hours a week getting a traditional business launched and in financial return for that I was just covering the bills: rent, food, utilities, petrol, car repairs.

Obviously I was gaining things money can’t buy in terms of education from running a business, but financially my first network marketing goal was to cover those bills. So I would no longer have to work.

My time frame for that, part time? (And part time meant just under 10 hours per week).

Ten years.


No word of a lie.

I figured if I showed the business and products to two people each week, every week, for 10 years, I would be able to leave the rat race.

Notice I didn’t think I’d be a gazillionaire.

I just thought that would be fair exchange for never having to work again. For freeing up the time I would need to create the travelling-the-world money, or the donating-to-charity money, or the pick-up-the-tab when my whole family went out to dinner money.

And I think that’s why I made it.

I’ve sat with people who’ve never made more than $30,000 a year their whole lives. Filling out their goal sheets they want to make $100,000 a year. Which is a fine goal.

But they want to be making that in 12 months’ time.

And they only have 10 hours a week available – because they have sports practice or choir or bible study three nights a week, and they already work long hours creating their $30,000 a year. Plus their favourite soap is on three times a week too – they could record it they suppose.

They can’t make it to every training. And they weren’t able to practice their call this week, nor to make the 10 calls they had committed to doing.

They won’t be able to make it to Convention this year because it is so expensive, and they’d never get the time off work.

Which is all fine and dandy. Really.

But how can this business make more money than you’ve ever made for a year in your life, when you treat it that way?

How can you say this business doesn’t work, or only works for certain types of people, when you never worked it?

That’s the blame game full throttle.

It’s like being annoyed you failed your exams, but you only went to 20% of the classes.

It is like saying a fire won’t provide heat, but you never put anything on it that could really burn.

I was the epitome of low expectations and maximum effort – and it was a great combination.

I wanted to be making about $800 a week at the end of 10 years. And I was so committed to the part time effort – I was so willing to take this on in place of another hobby – that my skills went up and up and up. I was humble.

There’s a sad / happy footnote: I lost that humility along the way.

The standing ovations, the huge amounts of money, the strangers who thought I was something special because I earned a lot of money – it all went straight to my ego, and humility went out the window. But that’s another story.  That detour wasn’t all bad.

If you’re at the starting end of your network marketing journey, commit to a fair exchange of effort for what you are asking of your business.

Drop your expectations right down, ramp your effort right up.

And do it for a long time.

You might just be amazed at what you discover.

Log into the comments section below if you can see how the laws of physics apply to making money – it’s not magic and it’s not impossible.  Can you give an example of how this has worked for you?  Or where you see you need to change it up?


See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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  • Gay Pedersen

    I think your book is great Helen and everyone should read it. It’s simple but oh soo much I could relate to. Cheers, Gay

    September 15, 2016 at 9:04 pm
  • guy slocum

    Hi Helen,

    Re your “Laws of Physics” Blog. For me it is very clinically a questions of the match between effort and desire or goal. I have folk say they want to make 10K per month and they will offer 10 hours per week. My answer is simple: “It won’t happen, Now do we up the hours; lower the ambition or both. It is not rocket science but I am not able to help ALL through that thought/action process.

    Cheers, Guy

    April 15, 2020 at 7:13 am

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