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Is it really your bad vibrations?

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Sep 28 2016

Is it really your bad vibrations?

I’ve seen a lot of people get paralysed when ‘bad’ things happen thinking their faulty vibration must have caused it.

And I’ve also seen that lead to a lot of people refusing to talk about or address ‘bad’ things that have happened because they don’t want to ‘give them more energy’.

I believe that’s actually just negative thinking in disguise.

Because effectively sticking your fingers in your ears and singing ‘lah-lah-lah’ so your vibration can stay ‘good’ is, believe me, still stinking thinking.  And worse, it’s isolating.

Sometimes you have to focus on ‘bad’ stuff to understand why it’s happening and make changes.  That’s called dealing with reality.

And many, many times that ‘bad’ stuff can turn out to lead you into ‘good’ stuff.

Pretending you can alter reality by acting as though it hasn’t happened is plain delusional. It allows problems to take root and become big kahuna issues that will actually derail you.

Putting all your energy into trying to hide ‘bad’ things from view by looking happy or flawless is not tenacity.  How many people do you know that look great on Facebook, but behind the scenes their lives are actually falling apart?  And remember how brittle the Wizard of Oz sounded when he boomed, ‘Don’t look behind the curtain!’

Glossing over problems doesn’t work in the long term.

But neither does talking about them over and over to people who can’t help you – especially if your goal is for people to feel sorry for you.

Courting other people’s pity is extremely dangerous.  The attention can feel so good.  But that kind of attention is soul destroying because you start to see yourself as pitiable.

So, if ignoring them is toxic but talking about them relentlessly is just as bad…what are we to do with problems?

Well, facing them, addressing them if you can, handling your emotions while you go through them, keeping your head without disappearing beneath the oily surface of resentment or self pity…that’s called tenacity. And it works.

There’s nothing wrong with being honest with someone about your problems.  Provided they are equipped to support or help you. And provided you take 100% responsibility for coping with, or (if necessary) addressing, the issue.

Sometimes, by thinking or acting differently, you can change your results.

But often you just have to hang onto your hat and ride bad stuff out.

Because shit happens.

Especially when you’re trying to do something amazing.

This idea that you caused the bad stuff with your bad vibration just leads to paranoia, shame and paralysis.

Toss that nonsense right out the window.

And get on with embracing the fact your journey is going to be full of ups and downs.

Address the problems.

Be honest with yourself and with someone capable that you trust.

Handle your emotions (which, like I said, isn’t the same as just ignoring them).

Charge on… …and accept the process.

You do not have complete control over what happens to you.  Stop blaming yourself for that stuff.

But you DO have complete control over how you engage with what happens to you.

And that will massively impact your outcome.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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