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Has fear got you?

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Aug 11 2016

Has fear got you?

If you’re following me on FB or Instagram you know I was skiiing a couple of weeks ago…
At the slope-top on the first day, my youngest child (aged 7) was full of a fear so strong it rendered her boneless.
She whimpered.
She snarled.
She pleaded: ‘I don’t want to do this’.
I put my patient-hat on and snow ploughed while she held onto my poles.
A lot.
Other small children whizzed past us in relentless, delighted star shapes. Their faces shone.
The rest of our family whizzed past us. They graduated to more exciting slopes with our friends.
We snow ploughed and she held on to my poles.
Eventually I needed a break (I can only wear the patient-hat for so long). I left her with our friends’ children and went off to have a proper go.
And when I came back, she was a different child.
Full of nonchalence, she whizzed about in her little snow plough shape. She raced me down the hill.
Her face was really bright.
She was fizzing with a feeling she couldn’t possibly have known all that time she was mired in fear.
What are the ingredients to accessing that feeling?
Persistance (she held onto my poles for a LOT of runs)
Exposure to evidence that it’s possible (happy kids whizzed past us constantly)
Peer group that supports but doesn’t coddle* (she lifted her game and tried a bit harder around her friends in a way she hadn’t around her mum)
So…are you using all those ingredients for your OWN business growth?
And are you giving the people in your team access to those ingredients?
Tell me in the comments below (or over on FB) what you are struggling with right now.  And comment on other people’s comments if you have ideas about what would help them create a shift.

*PS Beware: it’s easy to SMOTHER team members in the name of ‘helping’ them – you can read more about that here.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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