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Great White Shark Sales

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Jun 08 2016

Great White Shark Sales

I think we’ve all felt the ickyness of being ‘sold’.

But, unless you’re some kind of great-white-shark-of-a-person, there’s also a hollow, sludgy, tiring feeling about doing that kind of selling.

Sales feels good for both sides when it’s a match of what they want, with what you can help them to get.

You can try and be slick enough to pitch your business in a way that will ‘get them’ in your downline…

…or you can call people, be yourself, briefly tell them about this company you’re excited about, and then ask if they’d like to look at it for their own reasons. You might even know them well enough to suggest what those reasons might be.

Following that recipe, you don’t need to convince anyone.

People are free to say yes please, no thanks or not for now.

And, more importantly, you are free to be yourself.

It changes the whole experience, for everyone.

The ‘getting-you’ call is contrived and selfish (because you’re using people).

It leaves people feeling slimed. No one likes to get that call – and *newsflash* very few people like to make that call either.  I write more about that over at: Helping People or Getting People?

The sincere call is exciting, vulnerable and personal.

It takes courage.

And it takes belief in yourself and what you’re doing.

It’s great to both make and receive those calls.

So take that risk, find that courage.

It’s 100% more attractive to others and 100% more sustainable for you.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been on either side of Great White Shark Sales.  How did you handle it?  I love hearing from you!


See you on the road,
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