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Finding true north and being yourself.

Aug 10 2015

Finding true north and being yourself.

I took an unwelcome detour away from my reasons for starting my network marketing business.

It happened when I achieved success, and with it came its dubious attendant: celebrity.

I had started my business for FREEDOM. Yes, in capitals. That meant doing what I wanted, where I wanted, with whom I wanted and when I wanted to do it.

I’d always had a bohemian heart, and the freedom to move in the world as myself was a key facet of that original goal.

When I topped the income charts, when people stood and cheered for my speeches before I gave them and strangers wanted to hold my brand new baby, it was as if the mirror where I had always seen my real self, shattered.

I got really interested in how I seemed.

How did my life look to you? What do you think of this reward I have set? How do I compare to that other successful person? Is this what you want me to be so that you’ll be keen to build your dreams in network marketing too? Would this look good on Facebook?

I stopped being in the moment.

I no longer knew the desires of my heart.

I let all the texture drain out of my life.

Important parts of me started falling off. Because I was selling them to people I didn’t know, in the hope that this stranger would start a business or buy product and keep me at the top of the income charts, where I had pinned my self worth.

What’s flabbergasting is not that this happened. But that I had no idea it was happening at the time. I thought I was being a strong leader, the person in the glass house, the perfect example.

Instead I had become a glossy ship, adrift with no compass.

I see this a lot in our industry. A lot of fixed grins and people having a very forced best-time-ever. Look at me!  Look at me!  Don’t you want to live like this too? It leads to burn out.

FindingWhat I know now, and what I see in much quieter corners (that don’t look as good on Facebook) are legions of people who’ve built big incomes in network marketing and didn’t sell out.

They never let go of their true north. They built their businesses and kept heart and soul intact.

They are understated and low key. But they’re committed to their own vision. They’re often intense and incredibly certain. This is so much harder to photograph, but it’s so refreshing to be in its presence.

Your business needs you to be YOU. Nobody else can do that job. Your goals, your dreams, your life matter.

As you create success with your business, your job is to start living some of your dreams – be the example of what’s possible with this industry yes, but make them your own dreams, not canned imposters you think you ought to be living.

Do it for yourself, not the audience.

Do it when no one’s watching.

And do it for you – the person you wanted to set free in the first place.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments – have you found a role model brave enough to live their own life regardless of how it looks?

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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