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Fall in love

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Aug 11 2017

Fall in love

So today, I have two words for you: Liz Gilbert. 

If you’ve heard of her, need I say more?

And if you haven’t (but you’re a whimsical yet pragmatic sort) then she’s the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Amongst other things.

I just listened to Liz Gilbert’s latest book: Big Magic.

It’s brilliant.

It’s all about creativity, the creative process… and the stuff that stops most artists from even trying.

Something that’s still ringing in my ears is her take on falling in love with the process.

Basically she says:

The sooner you fall in love with the fact that YOU have to do the work, the better.

That’s YOU, falling in love with doing the work.

Not your teacher, not your students, not your life partner, not your guru…YOU.

Once you’ve made peace with that, it all kind of falls into place. 

And then you have a much more pleasant time getting after the changes you want.

So it is with your business.

There are some challenges that lay between you and your dreams.

And you need to navigate those challenges to get to the things you want.

If you’ve made peace with the FACT of that..

…with the FACT of the hard work…

…with the FACT of the process of change…

…then you will waste less energy and time questioning that process every time something difficult happens.

Don’t get me wrong, questioning what everyone else is taking as gospel is part of a healthy mindset.

But repeatedly questioning a predictable process just makes you feel drained, and decreases your chances of getting where you wanted to go.

Make the decision once.

Stay the course.

And be amazed!

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I got my copy of Big Magic’s audio book from the library. The library is free! And it’s brilliant!

But if for some CRAZY reason you aren’t using your library, you can also use my affiliate link and get it on kindle right now:

Big Magic.

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See you on the road,
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