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Don’t let anyone shake you

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Jul 21 2017

Don’t let anyone shake you

I recently had the inimitable experience of basking in the glow of someone who is currently on fire in their business.

Their certainty, their vitality and their grace were beautiful to behold.

They weren’t in anyone’s face.

They weren’t beating their chest about how it was their way or the highway…

They were humble.

And that’s a powerful cocktail:

Certain + Humble

As he finished up the training, he left us with this thought:

“Whatever other people’s decisions or behaviour, just love them.

Don’t let anyone alter you because of their choices”.

People are going to come and go in your business.

Accept that.

But be the one who stays.

Go the distance.

Stay humble.

And enjoy the glow :o)

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I am absolutely loving FB live…it was possibly invented just for me, because I do love doing little 10 minute blocks of my opinions :o)

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See you on the road,
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