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How your curiosity can help you

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Jun 15 2017

How your curiosity can help you

I heard something that made me cringe the other day.

An ‘expert’ encouraged people to make a particular list of people, and then said: ‘those are the ones you go after first’.



*Groans whilst holding head*

That attitude is a great example of why this industry has a terrible reputation.

Yes! You do need to talk to people about your products or services and the business.

Yes! You do need to think about who you know.

Yes! It is best to talk to people you know first…

But NOT because you’re trying to ‘go after’ anyone!

When you set about building your business with a hunting mentality, it’s just awful for everyone – including you.

Start to think of it this way:

You’re not a hunter, you’re a teacher.

Every great NWM company has an education component because it has concepts and paradigm shifts that can’t be conveyed well with traditional advertising.

That’s why word of mouth works so well for certan products and services.

If you think of the first 20 or 30 people you present to as your own education, then that changes the WHOLE process!

You need to learn your craft in the first weeks and months of your business.

And you do that by talking to people and answering their questions.

At first you’ll do that with someone more experienced right by your side. So you can hear them answer the tough questions, or discover how they research the answer.

In those first presentations when you’re brand new, you’ll hear great questions about the company.

The kind of questions that (when you’re thinking about ‘getting someone’) make you go: ‘Yikes!’

If you shift your perspective and see the experience as YOU learning about the company… then instead of thinking, ‘yikes!’ you think, ‘that’s interesting’.

Because you’re curious.

And then you can hear your sponsor answer that questions – or shadow them as they research that question.

And then you think ‘Wow, I didn’t know that, this company is more amazing than I thought’.

The person you’re talking to will enjoy that experience SO much more than feeling like they’re in the cross-hairs of your hunting rifle.

And even the most uptight defensive person (like I was before I started my business) will enjoy asking their ‘robust’ questions and having a good debate.

So remember this is a business.

Remember you have a lot to learn.

Get curious.

And get busy organising times to sit down with people who will have great questions – so you can speed up and enjoy your learning curve!

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I wrote another blog on this topic about ‘Helping People Or Getting People?’ – it has a story in it about a woman who really needed to understand the difference…




See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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