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Crazed expectations and your part in them

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Sep 05 2018

Crazed expectations and your part in them

A very famous runner here in NZ, now in their 60’s, ended up chatting with my daughter last summer.

Side note: my smallest bairn is extremely good at middle and long distance running (that’s her in the picture in the regional champs…not a bad leading margin for the start of the second lap).

It’s in her blood.

Her grandfather (my dad) was captain of the Cambridge University cross country team when it was just becoming a recognised sport.  And my relationship with my husband Chris blossomed while training for running events.

So, needless to say, she was very excited to meet this Kiwi legend.

This person was very kind and very inspiring and even gave her some tips.

And then they told her about how much books-about-running had fired them up to become a runner in the first place.

They promised (2 or 3 times) to drop the ‘perfect book’ round to our house for her to read.

My daughter was so excited she could hardly stand up.

Which was so cool!

Except that amazing runner… they never followed through. 

Months passed and the book never appeared.

And it got me thinking.

It’s SO IMPORTANT to under-promise and over-deliver in your business.

Don’t tell someone ‘there’s nothing to it’ when it comes to building a network.

That’s just setting someone up to FAIL.

Yes, be enthusiastic.

But be practical.

Be realistic.

If that runner had only had a wonderful chat with my daughter – it would have been more than enough.

They didn’t need to promise the book.

And then on the other hand, if they hadn’t promised the book – but a week later had turned up with one…

Now that would have been spectacular.

That’s called under-promising and over-delivering.

It’s a balance.

Given the already CRAZED expectations of the majority of people ‘building’ a network marketing business, it’s absolutely crucial you don’t feed that craziness with your own promises or hype.

This business is great.

It’s not perfect.

But it’s not the lottery either.

And it has enormous upsides for those that put in the effort over time.

You don’t need to try and make out it’s more than it already is.

What network marketing offers and what it asks for in return are pretty amazing already.

Work with that.

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS I wrote about how easy it is to slide into a kind of defensive perfectionism as you build your business – how much that strangles your efforts – and what you can do about that, here:






See you on the road,
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