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Buy now, pay later..?

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Jul 06 2017

Buy now, pay later..?

I noticed something about 2 years into my business.

Just like people use credit cards to buy stuff they can’t afford, team members began to leave their jobs – before their business could support them.

Poor NWM.

Our industry can suffer like some beleagured fairy godmother.

She’s capable of bringing incredible change into people’s lives beyond the stuff of wildest dreams.

But instead, people insist on using her mighty, subtle, powerful magic for optical illusions.

Picture her, that mysterious and classy creature of the woods, stuffed into a bikini and high heels and forced to advertise the lottery on TV.

She would seem laughable, appealing only to the greedy, and her true beauty would go unnoticed.

That’s how I’ve seen a lot of people ‘work’ a NWM business.

There is so much power in the business model, it’s easy to try and cheat your way forward. Like a terrible buy now, pay later deal.

For example, quitting your job looks impressive but is there substance behind it?

Relentlessly hassling people to join your team so you can make ends meet because you no longer have regular income might mean some of them start with you. But how much will you enjoy working together? And how long will they last?

Letting our egos snatch and grab at the trappings of ‘success’ ahead of time does a lot of harm to the industry.

But it’s also bad for YOU.

Because after the snatching and grabbing comes the blaming and complaining.  That bad taste that’s left in so many mouths about NWM.

It provides fuel for that incredible conversation that ‘it doesn’t work’.

Now, don’t hear me wrong.

It’s wonderful to leave your job.

It’s wonderful to be able to buy a beautiful home, a spectacular car, or to holiday around the planet for large swathes of time.

If that’s what you want.

And if it is for real.

Not purchased on credit or done to impress people you don’t even know yet.

This whole blog and The Networker book are all about adopting a farming mentality around your business:

  • hang onto your values,
  • be willing to do the work,
  • be prepared to learn…
  • get equipped and
  • be ready to do all those things consistently over time.

Just like you would in ANY worthwhile endeavour.

Because you really can use NWM to create miraculous change in your life.

But only if you treat it like a real business, complete with cause and effect.

And not if you settle for skin deep, or what you can grab from the table.

Yes, it might take longer.

And it might not be as glamorous.

But it will last. And it will feel good.

See you on the road,

Helen x

PS If you want to read about someone leaving their job in a way I admire, then get The Networker.

Better still, get with your team and read it together as a book club. You’ll be so glad you did. Personal development really can be the life blood of your business:



See you on the road,
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Hi, I'm Helen Jamieson, the author of The Networker - a novel created from experiences on the road to creating over USD $1million with my network marketing business. The book is a fable, a novel, about Sally, a feisty mother of two young children. Sally's feeling exhausted by her job, her lack of money and her negative spouse. Surely successful people didn't have to deal with obstacles like hers? The story follows her into, under and round those obstacles on her quest to take back control of her life using network marketing.

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