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Riding the rollercoaster called Network Marketing

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Oct 30 2019

Riding the rollercoaster called Network Marketing

So last week we looked at the roller coaster that is ‘building a network marketing business’…we looked at how it’s a lot like playing the game of snakes and ladders.

It’s obvious that having your head in the right space is absolutely crucial to being able to withstand the ups and downs that are a very real part of building your business.  

It helped me to think of it as a journey from A to B.  

I’d unravel the distance covered by the ups of the ladders and the downs of the snakes into one long line, traversing the space between A and B.

Now I didn’t know how many miles it was from A to B.  

I only knew that I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Every day.  

We actually all have a different distance between A and B.  

We are all starting from slightly different spots, and we want different things – so our destinations are different.  

Our determination, our why, our dreams, the need we have to be liked, our trustworthiness, our passion, our communication skills and what we want out of life – even the dollar figure that will replace our income – all of these things and more are different for each of us, and they also change at different times in our lives.  

I found it so useful to think of that A to B journey in relation to the story about being able to chop down a huge tree just by taking three swings at it each day with a sharp axe.  

I might not have the physical strength, or even the time, to chop the tree down all in one go.  

But I can take three swings at it today with a sharp axe.  

And eventually that tree will come down.

Even though the action might be small, the enormous result is possible because of consistent effort.

Another thing I’d think of is I’m making that journey from A to B on foot.   Even if I’m not sure of the exact distance and even if I haven’t done the journey before, it would be crazy to set off, and then change my mind and turn back, and then turn around and set off again, and then change my mind and turn back.  

I’d never get there.  

The energy I expend on dithering about and doubting my original decision would have been enough to complete a large part of the journey itself, if I had kept putting one foot in front of the other day after day.

I can do these small actions full of fear and doubt, or I can do them and enjoy the scenery.

There is an inevitability about network marketing that gets lost amongst the random things that happen day by day and week by week.  

And most of all, that inevitability gets completely obscured by the emotions we are feeling.  

Especially when those emotions are negative…

Next week we’ll look at how to be able to feel your emotions without getting overwhelmed or derailed by them.

See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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