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Affirmations: do they really work?

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Nov 02 2016

Affirmations: do they really work?

Almost 20 years ago (eek) I was taking a health science degree… and some parts of it made my hair curl.

Now I can study biology and take exams on it all day long. I love, love, love it.

But there’s something about those other mathsy sciences like physics and chemistry that gives me brain freeze (with a frost coating of confusion, paranoia and desire-to-run-from-the-room).

I have theories about why this is the case. But I won’t take up valuable space with those here.

What I do know, is that I went from being a very big fat FAIL in physics and chemistry, to being in the 50% of the class that managed to pass the actual exams on the first time round (thus avoiding summer school devoted to mathsy science).

How I did that is the interesting bit:

I noticed that brain freeze.

It would happen every time I was faced with a physics or chemistry question.

Looking at a question I’d start a mantra, ‘I can’t do this! I can’t do this! I don’t know the answer! I can’t do this!’

It took me a good minute or two to steady myself enough to actually start moving the gears in my brain and even TRY to answer the question.

I was wasting a lot of time freaking out, before I’d even given it a go.

Now, make no mistake.

I have a history of being very unspectacular at maths, physics and chemistry. I was realistic (not negative) in accepting I was not as good as some of my peers at these subjects.


I realised if I could take that brain freeze out of the process (or at least reduce the time I was paralysed by it) then I would have more time to deal with the exam questions. Which, given my skill set, would have to be good.

So I set about changing how my mind was working.

I put affirmations everywhere around my house, in my car, in my wallet. Those little notes said things like:

  • “I am relaxed and calm when dealing with questions in physics.”
  • “I really enjoy tackling chemistry questions.”
  • “These exams are here for me to show what I know – they are for my benefit.”
  • “The things I have learned and studied come back to me easily at exactly the right time when I’m doing my exams.”

Some of them felt like lies at first BUT I repeated them a lot and I really did my best to find the feeling place of those statements as if they were true for me.

Eventually it started to work.

I wouldn’t say it was night and day. No trumpets sounded in the sky.

But I passed the exams with C’s.

Probably more importantly I didn’t spend as long scared to death. Which was a huge bonus.

How can you apply this to your business?

If you are constantly surprised, startled and knocked flat by the (often BIG) challenges that are BOUND to come up as you build your business, then you’re wasting a lot of time…

And it’s working against you.

And you’re going to get burned out really fast.

No one can thrive on a steady diet of fear for very long.

If you accept those challenges and stop wishing they weren’t there – then you can take some small (and often unspectacular) action steps that will quite literally be the difference between success and failure for your business.


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See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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