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9 reasons people join your lucky friend’s network.

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May 18 2015

9 reasons people join your lucky friend’s network.

9 reasons people join your lucky friend’s network.

Ever wonder why people join your lucky friend’s network marketing business while you struggle?

Let’s say you’re Sally and your friend is Brenda. You both have your own network marketing business.

You’ve both been working at this for several weeks or months now.  Although you’ve had someresults, Brenda’s team is building much faster than yours.

Frankly, it’s driving you insane trying to work out:

Why do some people have all the luck?!

Brenda seems to touch things and they turn to gold.

She has guests at business briefings – she’s even brought along people you actuallyknow, who are excited to get started.  You are feeling tortured at how unfair this all seems!

This is a common scenario I’ve seen many times. And it’s important to have a close look at what’s really going on, before you sink into despair and give up.

Let’s have a look at 9 things Brenda’s doing differently:

She’s excited. Brenda knows what she has in her hands, and she knows what she wants to bring into her life with it.

Her own reasons for building this business are very clear to her.  She has an inner thirst for getting after personal goals. She understands everyone’s goals and dreams are different, and she’s keenly aware of her own.

2 She’s professional. Brenda takes care with her appearance. She’s clean! When I started my own business I only had one pair of black shoes, one pair of business type trousers and one shirt. That was all I needed to be well presented.

She’s honest.Brenda is ethical and fair. She has a reputation for being someone that does the right thing, even if it means delayed gratification in herownbusiness. She doesn’t over promise and under deliver: she under-promises and over-delivers. 

4  She’s committed. Brenda is there at everything. She’s at trainings. She’s at business briefings. She’s there at big and small events.

But she’s not there grumbling about her upline makingher come to all this stuff…

She’s there because she WANTS to be.

Shewantsto learn, shewantsto meet the people teaching it and she wantsto share the experience with her team mates.  Plus she isn’t phased if ‘only one’ team mate has come with her. She’s delighted they are there!

Which brings us to the next point…

5 She’s responsible. Brenda understands this is HER business.

Not her sponsor’s.

Not her team’s.

Not the company’s.

She is running her business and putting in the big effort it requires for herbenefit, not because she’s being obedient to her sponsor or going through the motions or trying to motivate her team.

She does it willingly, even when it’s hard.

It’s like she owns a fabulous car and wants to learn how to drive it for herself. She’s really clear about that – she doesn’t want to sit in the passenger seat – she wants to drive this thing herself.

This attitude radiates out of her, and people want to be around it.

Brenda attracts people to her team because of the responsibility she’s taking for upgrading her life.

She’s teachable. It’s her own business, and she’s at the wheel…but Brenda’s not a know-it-all.

When someone has more experience than her, she doesn’t elbow them out of the way or talk over them about her uniquely difficult circumstances.

She watches and applies what she learns, with the express purpose of being able to teach these skills to others.

Note:Some people are too technical with this process. You still need to be a warm human being if you’re going to grow a really vibrant network.  Being C3PO won’t cut it in this business.

But on the other extreme there’s people pleasing – constantly defering to successful leaders in a self-deprecating way.  You can’t assume ownership of your business if you try to please everyone.

It’s a balance.  As Denis Waitley says:

 ‘You’re as good as the best, and no better than the rest’.

She’s growing. Brenda consumes personal development every day. She’s listening to recordings, she’s reading books, she’s tuning into podcasts, and she’s applying what she’s learning.

Because she’s taking more care with her appearance, because she’s more engaged when other people are communicating with her, and because she’s more focused…friends and family can sense the change.

Her faith in herself is taking root.  She is quietly backing herself.

She isn’t defensive and stroppy when people knock her business. She just radiates a sense of certainty about what she’s doing.

8  She’s had a product result.  It took a few weeks for Brenda to really notice the difference from using the products / services, so she leaned heavily on other people’s stories about their results at first.

Using her products or services consistently for those first few weeks meant she developed her own experience and became a walking billboard for her company’s mission.

Now, as well as the library of stories she has from other people’s experience, she also has her own results she can share with friends and family.

9 She believes it. Brenda absolutely knows people can achieve their dreams with her company. And she knows she’s going to stay the distance. She is going to learn how to do this right, and she is going to work diligently until she cracks it. 

That means Brenda’s comfort zone doesn’t get the chance to drip gooey doubt all over the machinery of her part time business.

She’s sick of doubt and all of its ‘can’t be done’ and ‘you’ll never make it’.

She’s looked hard at where listening to that kind of stuff has got her in life, and she’s decided to back herself instead.

She’s seen the people who’ve replaced their incomes with this company, and frankly, if they can do it, then she can too!

She’s a stayer.

She’s got stickability and she’s willing to learn new things.

She knows people can count on her to share this journey with them because she’s not going to let anyone down by giving up.

People can sense that.

They want what she’s having, and they don’t want to be left behind.

Her belief is contagious. She doesn’t know everything, and she’s not even making significant money yet, but she’s leading herself in the direction of her own dreams, and so people trust her to help them do the same.

So in summary, let’s look at a list of your lucky friend’s qualities:

  1. excited
  2. professional
  3. honest
  4. committed
  5. responsible
  6. teachable
  7. personally growing
  8. dedicated product / service user
  9. absolutely believes it can be done

And now for the newsflash:

Almost all of these amazing-qualities are FREE to implement.

It’s only your attitude that needs to shift.

So, when you write up your goals at the end of this month, how about making these qualities a priority for 2019?

Share this article with your team and, together, review one quality a month.

Find personal development resources to use as a book club in your team.

The power of even one of you – that’s YOU by the way – embracing these character traits can be enormous.

And when you make it part of your team culture you can absolutely create a tidal wave of momentum.

See you on the road,

Helen x


See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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