About - I Built a Network
About - I Built a Network
You’ve been around network marketing for a while, so you were probably expecting images of beachside mansions or forty-foot yachts. Don’t get me wrong – those things are all well and good if they represent your picture of financial freedom. But what if they don’t? What if your dreams aren’t easy to photograph and wouldn’t look that appealing on Facebook? Can you find a match in network marketing?
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I did it. I built a network

And you can too

Helen Jamieson, author of The Networker, visit ibuiltanetwork.com

The Notes from the MLM Highway are all about helping you keep it real. Because you don’t have to sell your soul or become some kind of caricature of financial freedom to thrive in network marketing.

Hello, I’m Helen Jamieson and I built a network. In the first year I replaced my partner’s income, and then we made WAY more than our incomes. We made $1millionUS and began acquiring lots of stuff….

My journey had started when I’d become intrigued by a couple who, with their small kids, were living their own dream. No diamond rings, no sports cars, no little fluffy white dogs. I wanted what they had, because they had an earthy freedom. And they showed me how to use this business model to bring more of the freedom I wanted into my life, without selling my soul.

Fast forward a few years and as a top income earner I’d fallen into thinking my purpose was to look the part. Boy, that was a long detour I wish I hadn’t taken. But anyway, that’s how it was.

Several major life events were a huge leveler for me. Via the school of humbling hard knocks I started to see my values in a different order – and looking wealthy was no longer high on my priority list.

Each of us has our own idea of what makes real wealth. It’s very personal. You have to get to know yourself if you’re going to discover it. The resources here can help you do that.

For me it’s freedom – having the space to pursue a creativity and contribution that doesn’t necessarily look all that good on film.

And I got it. As those life events kept on coming, I was able to spend a long time not working while I healed important corners of my life. And the only reason I could do that was because network marketing gave me that freedom.

Money you no longer have to work for is unusually valuable.

Even without any further input, my business faithfully produced residual income because of the work I’d done before.

That’s not because I’m so amazing.

It’s because the business model works. And because I had a wise, firm sponsor who helped me keep perspective. Which meant I took action, long enough, to get results. You can do that too. The Networker and Notes from the MLM Highway can help.

Even though network marketing is a way for regular people to create really extraordinary freedom – the ability to walk away from a job and still have a full time salary – many people still miss it.

Because around this industry folks frequently take leave of their common sense – either believing it to be some kind of finger-crossing-lottery, or never bothering to look at the facts because they’ve been so frightened by ignorant horror stories.

Either way, the vast majority of people never work this business like a business.  And so a lot of people miss out.  They can’t see themselves in the picture.

And that’s what this site is for!

Click here to plug into the Notes from the MLM Highway – they’ll arrive once a week to your inbox, or on podcast. And click here to get the first two chapters of The Networker for FREE.

And here are a couple of Notes to get you started:

Great Expectations

Network marketing is like marmite

See you on the road,

Helen Jamieson, author of The Networker, visit ibuiltanetwork.com

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