About The Networker - I Built a Network
About The Networker - I Built a Network
I watched team get crushed by the common torpedoes of building a network: negative spouse, negative family, negative friends, ignorant but harsh objections, fatigue, feeling too stretched for time, disgruntled mental chatter when there’s ‘no income’ yet. It was heart breaking to see people with achievable goals and a legitimate business model suffer so much unnecessary pain and confusion. The very things that showed their business was growing were being taken as reasons to give up! I could see so clearly that they gave up because they felt unique. They thought I’d somehow managed to avoid these, at times overwhelming, growing pains of business. They were wrong.
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About the Networker

Where did The Networker come from?

The Networker is a How-To, toolbox novel.

It’s a road map around the obstacles that stop most people building their network marketing business.

The story follows Sally McAllister, a feisty mother of two. She wants to stop doing a job she hates and start having enough time and money to actually enjoy her children and her life. But she just can’t get her business really and truly off the ground.

She struggles to build her network around all her commitments. She has no time and very little money. Her friends just don’t understand and, maybe worst of all, her spouse is horrified she started her business in the first place.

She just wants to quit – she’s starting to feel like she just isn’t the sort of person who can make this business work.

But then she meets someone who understands those obstacles. And can show her how to handle them. 

2 Free Chapters of the Networker, in PDF and Audio, only on ibuiltanetwork.com

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In the course of building a successful network I saw many wonderful people get crushed by all those things Sally is facing (you can read more about my story here).

The very things that showed their business was growing were being taken as reasons to give up!

People seemed to feel I’d somehow managed to avoid these, at times overwhelming, growing pains of business.

They were so wrong!

Every single successful person has had to overcome the same obstacles that stop Sally in her tracks.

It’s how you look at those obstacles that affects whether and how you tackle them.

Following Sally as she picks up specific resources and follows guide posts around, under and over those obstacles can help you do the same.

As a new mother of two I got the urge to write a ‘how-to narrative’ – a story showing how these things happened to ALL of us who have replaced our incomes with a network marketing business.

I wrote for an hour every morning (sometimes tapping the keys with one finger around a nursing baby!) and The Networker arrived.

A question readers often asked was, “How did you know that’s how I was feeling?” They felt I’d seen into their own story, read their mind, and identified precisely their fears and struggles.

You are not alone.

Every doubt, every fear, every misgiving, every obstacle you encounter on your road to freedom, has been felt by someone, if not everyone, who has built a residual income stream from a network marketing business.

The only difference between them and you now is that they climbed over those obstacles, they faced each one and took it on. They looked at it a certain way.

They didn’t have super powers, they had staying power, and a willingness to grow.

Ready to dive in?  Buy the book here.

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