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2 Free Chapters

Get 2 Free Chapters of the Networker!

Sally McAllister has lost all faith she can ever get her business off the ground. She just can’t grow a team. It’s too hard! Or is it?

Join Sally on her journey, as she struggles to build her business with no time, no money, a negative spouse and a horrible day job.

Can she discover the heart and guts it takes to succeed in network marketing?

Download the first two chapters FREE!  You’ll get:

  1. The first two chapters in PDF form
  2. The first two chapters in Audio format
  3. A wee message from me at the start and end of the Audio.
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A Quick Thank You from Helen

I’m so glad you are here. If you’ve read my blog, taken the Fire Up Your Team Challenge or listened to my Daily Reader podcast, you know I’m focused on keeping it real on the MLM highway.  I think it’s important.  I love hearing from you, so do get in touch with me here or hit reply in my emails.

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