Welcome to I Built a Network - By Helen Jamieson
Welcome to I Built a Network - By Helen Jamieson
I Built a Network is a blog and podcast to encourage you to do the stuff it takes to replace your income, by changing up the way you think about things. All the while keeping your head and your heart connected. You don’t have to sell your soul or become some kind of caricature of financial freedom to thrive in network marketing.
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Welcome to I Built a Network!

Keeping it real on the MLM Highway

You’ve got the dream.

You look up in your network and see people who’ve achieved phenomenal success. They started from nothing, and now they’ve got the passive income, the lifestyle, the freedom you know can be yours. It’s inspiring. You want that so badly you can almost taste it.

But then comes a bunch of those days….

Who is The Networker?

Who is The Networker?

the real story…

Fire Up Your Team

Fire Up Your Team

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Need a daily mindset change?

Need a daily mindset change?

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