When something knocks you flat

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Jun 08 2017

When something knocks you flat

When things knock you flat, do you know it’s ok to be flattened?

Big things can happen as you build your business.

People let you down. Some laugh at you. Disappointment can seem to be standing on every corner.

It’s ok to register that.

It’s ok to have a **frustrated-roar** to yourself every now and then.

It’s ok to feel those big feelings.

It just you can’t fuss with those feelings too long. 

Because they’ll take hold of you and ruin-you-for-NWM-forever if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Resentment and self pity can creep in.

And they can make you toxic and repellant.

Butt knowing that, and in trying to not go there, it’s easy to go somewhere just as toxic:

Ploughing on through every obstacle pretending to not feel anything….

…and feeling guilty if you do.

It’s ok to acknowledge something has knocked you flat – it’s what makes you human, it’s what gives you compassion and wisdom!

But you do need to reach for tools that help you get back on your feet:

  1. Fantastic PD (RHINOCEROS SUCCESS is a great place to start)
  2. Search ‘motivation’ on youtube and watch (for no more than 10 minutes!)
  3. Rest – as in: genuinely rest. Not fuss about procrastinating. Stop and rest.
  4. Call your upline for help reframing what just happened – be honest and be teachable
  5. Call more people (there are people out there who really, really want what you have to offer right now)

So, be human as you build your business.

But be a tenacious human.

Find ways around things.

And be brave enough to feel what’s happening along the way.

Because then you can help others when they’re going through it – and that’s an important part of leadership.

See you on the road,

Helen x

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See you on the road,
Helen Jamieson's signature, author of The Networker

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