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Notes from the MLM Highway
Attitude, humility, helping others, manipulation, vulnerability, sales, getting people, home based business, mumpreneur, network marketing, mlm, great white shark sales
Jun 08 2016

Great White Shark Sales

I think we’ve all felt the ickyness of being ‘sold’. But, unless you’re some kind of great-white-shark-of-a-person, there’s also a hollow, sludgy, tiring feeling about doing that kind of selling. Sales feels good for both sides when it’s a match of what they want, with what you...

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Tenacity, quitting, network marketing, mlm, attitude, courage, flogging a dead horse, home based business, mums in business
May 18 2016

When’s a good time to quit?

In 200: 2: 1 tenacity was given a big round of applause. But it's worth revisiting because something I discovered (the hard way) is that tenacity isn’t always a good thing. It’s good when applied to YOU.  Digging deep to find the necessary energy to get up one...

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