Nov 11 2015

Think and Grow Rich

This is often described as a bible of personal development. Once your ears perk up to this book’s existance you’ll notice many leaders in the field of wealth creation credit it with changing their lives. But it’s not an easy read! Dating from the early...

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Learning new stuff can suck, an article on
Aug 02 2015

Learning new stuff can suck.

Two years ago (thank heavens) I stumbled across Brene Brown. She’s a shame and vulnerability researcher. Her work led her to the concept of whole-hearted living. Not perfect, winning, good-looking living. Whole-hearted living. If you haven’t discovered her already, a great place to start is her...

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Jul 29 2015

Great expectations.

My network marketing company produces supplements. I just had the flu…which turned into pneumonia. Does that mean my products don’t work? I don’t think so. I think illness is a part of life and although good supplements and a good diet clearly improve the body’s biochemistry, there are...

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